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Exclusive Services

We are offering professional services to our client for all kind of HVAC needs. From design planning, to custom solutions,, technical support, supply of equipments and after sales service.


We are authorised reseller and service provider for multiple reknowned equipment manufacturer which making us resourceful when come to supporting our client's need in HVAC equipments supplies and spare parts.


We carefully study the requirements and the process criteria. Solutions are tailored made to fulfill client's desired outcome, with the energy efficiency  in mind, at the same time performance is not compromised.


Retrofitting & Upgrading

We are specializing in proposing retrofitting and upgrading services for existing building, facilities or processes to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operating costs.


Process Optimization

We are specializing in optimizing fan systems to reduce energy consumption. We provide solutions such as fine-tuning the system and adaptation to actual utilization rate to avoid unnecessary energy wastages and subsequently operating cost is reduced..


Predictive Preventive Maintenance

We are capable in providing predictive maintenance solutions that use data analytics and machine learning algorithms to predict when equipment such as HVAC systems, fans, and motors require maintenance. This could help prevent equipment failures, reduce downtime, and improve energy efficiency.

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