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Industrial Abstract Object

Our Products

Software & Hardware ​in managing and controlling all HVAC equipments utilizing the EC-Technology and RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol.

All kind of EC Drives for Industrial Fan & Blower, Industrial Air Filters and Variable Air Volume System (VAV).


SC100/SC200 WM/SC200 CS

  • Portable handheld device suitable for testing, commissioning and troubleshooting.

  • Localized control & monitoring device for individual or a group of ventilation equipments not more than 200 units. Come in the form-factor of wall mount or countersunk panel mount. 



  • Localized control & monitoring device for individual or a group of ventilation equipments not more than 300 units. 

  • Build-in OPC UA connection and adaptation to various Building Management System (BMS).  

  • 10.1" Touch Screen & Build-in CPU.

  • Can be used as a gateway for large scale control.


EC Fan & Drives 

  • Renowned German EC Fan & Drives supply for project, retrofitting, upgrade and customized HVAC solution. 


Total Management Control

  • Total control & management solution for all HVAC equipments.

  • AI data analysis for optimum performance and maximum energy efficiency.

  • Universal compatibility.


Industrial Air Filter

The products are ranged from pre-filter to all kind of medium, high efficiency filter (HEPA/ULPA), dust bag, PTFE and chemical filters. The manufacturer is producing very good quality industry filters, and offered at a very reasonable price. The filters produced are certified with ISO9001, and UL900 Class Fire Rated filter is an available option. The high efficiency PTFE filter is boron free and offering a longer service life.  

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Variable Air Volume System

VAV Diffusers control Room Temperature by adjusting the volume of air at the diffuser outlet. By changing the diffusers exit geometry, Coanda, Air Velocity and Throw is maintained at minimum and maximum volume. This technology prevents cold air from dumping at minimum, ensures excellent ventilation, air mixing, Air Change Effectiveness (ACE) and therefore thermal comfort (ADPI). 


VAV diffusers reduce pressure loss in the system due to their aerodynamic design and the absence of restrictions in the duct work. We have a choice of thermal VAV diffusers and Electronic VAV diffusers. Both featuring energy saving and localise temperature control, with the electronic type capable of group control with BMS integration made easy. 


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